GeoCommand CityAware

GEOcommand CityAware is a one of a kind collaborative software system that can be used by multiple agencies and jurisdictions plan & coordinate emergency and disaster response, management and mitigation.

GEOcommand CityAware, and related tools create seamless interoperability and timely distribution of information across disparate systems and platforms. We’ve created the tools that address the communication, collaboration and organizational challenges faced by responders during large-scale emergency events.

Whether a user is focused on a specific building and critical assets therein or looking broadly at a whole region of mutual response locations, the backbone of each aspect of operations is the GIS and the data displayed within.

From a Citywide Perspective to a Single Building – Protect the Safety & Security of Specific Infrastructures

GEOcommand CityAware Delivers
  • A detailed operating picture of your city for use in pre-planning and training thus ensuring the best response to an emergency.
  • Real-Time Mapping – track dynamic assets that are constantly changing location such as vehicles, aircraft, and vessels or stationary assets such as weather and environmental monitoring sensors. In addition, it provides real-time situational awareness for coordinated field activities.
  • Real-Time Data Filtering – detect and focus on the most important events, locations, and thresholds for your operations without interruption.
  • Perform real-time analytics on streams of data to identify patterns of interest important to your organization.
  • Real-Time Alerts for Better Response and Decision Making – when on-scene situation changes, pre-defined patterns or events are detected, our system can automatically sent across multiple channels such as e-mails, texts, and instant messages to key emergency response personnel.

The Comprehensive Community Solution – Ensures First Responder Access

GEOcommand makes your critical information readily available to local Fire and Police Departments, giving them access to important response information related to your community.

  • Minimize Property Damage
  • Shared Mutual Aid Information
  • Fast Response
  • Enhanced situational Awareness
  • Effective Collaboration Support

GEOcommand CityAware multi-layer geographic information platform can serve as the common situational awareness tool for all community services, including fire, police, public works, local utility companies, community planners, and tax assessors.

GeoCommand SiteAware

The GEOcommand SiteAware allows for a “location-first” approach to connecting multiple disparate data sources and business systems into one location-specific situational awareness interface for viewing critical assets and infrastructure.

Easily Collect and Maintain Your Data

Get everything you need to create, edit, organize, maintain, and share your situational awareness data—hardware, software, building inspection and pre-planning tools.

  • Catalog, and save your facility information right onto the floor plan
  • Live sketching tools can help communicate response scenarios and training plans
  • Collaborative interface allows first responders to collaborate, pool resources, and plot strategies.
  • Real-time equipment and personnel tracking within your facility
  • Real-time Location Specific Alerts – incident location is identified and automatically and simultaneously send alerts to key personnel

From a Single Building to a Campus Complex

Integrates with GEOcommand CityAware to expand from a single location to a complex of buildings or campus. Multiple building plans tied together with regional context for more comprehensive facilities management and emergency planning.

GEOcommand’s SiteAware is used daily in concert with your facility management processes to efficiently run your company while also providing critical and valuable response information to your local first responder agencies.

Whether you are a single property owner or a large corporation that maintains facilities throughout the world, GEOcommand SiteAware allows you to streamline your operational and maintenance records, improves efficiency, ensures safety protocols and improves your bottom line.