Geocommand Inc., is pioneering the development of Intelligent Real Time, Location-Specific GIS (Geographic Information Systems). GEOcommand’s multi-layer geographic information platform can serve as the common situational awareness tool for all community services, including fire, police, public works, local utility companies, community planners, and tax assessors.


Have one common operating picture before, during, and after an incident. A graphical situational awareness interface for viewing critical assets and infrastructure.

The GEOcommand Difference
  • Neighboring communities can share critical data easily, making mutual aid response truly seamless
  • Customizable based on community/user needs
  • Scalable data—view one building, one neighborhood, or whole counties

Get everything you need to create, edit, organize, maintain, and share your situational awareness data—updated hardware, GEOcommand software, building inspection and pre-planning tools—backed by our world-class installation and support services.


GEOcommand’s GIS Cloud based platform provides a flexible platform for our customers to fully realize their emergency planning and incident management goals

The GEOcommand Difference
  • Customized relevant layers (hydrants, water mains, gas lines, abandoned buildings, disabled residents… the possibilities are endless)
  • Locate the closest hydrants to a location
  • Vehicle tracking
  • Weather data overlay
  • Live geo-enabled data feeds

GEOcommand’s software platform, and related tools provide perfect interoperability and can function as the “heart and soul” of many safe and smart city initiatives.


Our location-specific platform provides interactive, easy to use tools to improve situational awareness, emergency response times and as a consequence to improve safety and security.

GEOcommand improves response capabilities
  • Set evacuation zones based on the particular emergency
  • Identify high-risk locations within an incident area viewed in real-time.
  • Live weather overlays and geo-enabled data feed such as traffic lights, can be added.
  • Any location in the county can be designated as a critical site and detailed information is available by simply clicking that location on the map.
  • Occupant information, fire suppression systems, emergency response and evacuation plans, inspection reports can all be attached to the location on the floor plan<

GEOcommand is a one of a kind system that can be used by all branches of local, state and federal governments to protect the inhabitants of any type of critical building from schools, hospitals and nursing homes, ports, movie theatres, sport venues or anywhere that people frequent. The recovery efforts in any emergency are made easier when interagency cooperation is developed by using geographical information and critical data.

GEOcommand streamlines recovery efforts
  • Have one common operating picture before, during, and after an incident.
  • Emergency response & recovery efforts are greatly improved by centralizing interagency geographical information and critical location data
  • A dynamic, interactive, integrated emergency management system
  • Updates, enhances, and expands customary emergency management plans and procedures
  • Can be deployed in government, public, and private institutions and is readily available to first responders

Our goal is to partner with local governments, public, and private institutions to bring together disparate sources of critical real time geographic information to create a centralized, robust and easy to use critical information and response system.

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